4th Quarter Statistics


December 31/20

Christmas Food Vouchers Disbursed        $47,900.00  to 272 clients
Christmas Belco Vouchers Disbursed       $5,700.00 to 54 clients

Gibbons Company Vouchers Disbursed $375 to 3 Summerhaven residents

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We virtually couldn’t do it without you.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the 2020 Tag Day was held virtually, communicated via social media and Royal Gazette advertisements.  This took place in late September and October. The Supermart and Somers Supermart did a ‘Round-Up’, where each customer at check-out was asked to round–up their payment to the next dollar or make a larger donation to the LCCA.  The result was: Supermart customers gave $14,612.68 which Supermart rounded up to $15,000.  Somers customers gave $1,342.18 which Somers rounded up to $1,400.  This totaled $16,400. The amounts of $16,400 + $15,179 raised by our Virtual Tag Day online resulted in a grand total of $31,579, our best ever!

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Virtual Tag Day 2020 – Letter to the Editor

The Committee of Management of the Lady Cubitt Compassionate Association extends sincere thanks and gratitude to all members of our community who generously donated to our virtual Tag Day fundraiser held during September and October.

The year 2020 presented Bermuda with many challenges: the Covid-19 pandemic, the negative impact on our tourism industry, the domino effect on employment opportunities, hurricanes. They all impacted our daily lives.

We were not able to be physically present in the community in the traditional Tag Day scenario, where our volunteers and other service organisations would willingly give their time to facilitate the success of our fundraising efforts.

This being the major annual fundraiser for the LCCA, we appealed to all to donate via the options available.

We thank the businesses and establishments who offered other options to raise funds. We appreciate The Supermart grocery store for offering a “round-up” option for customers to donate when purchasing their groceries.

The total amount of $31,579 received from this virtual fundraising event will be used in our General Assistance Programme for the benefit of the elderly, children and the less fortunate members of our community. The proceeds allow the LCCA to continue to carry out the ideals and philosophy of our founder, Lady Cubitt.

We refer you to our website,, to familiarise yourself with how the LCCA can be of assistance to you.

Once again, we sincerely thank each and every person for your contribution to the LCCA.


Executive Director


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LCCA General Assistance during 2020 Quarter 4

The LCCA General Assistance program has seen an increase in demand since the impact of COVID-19.  The statistics for October and November are below.

October – $ 9,875.00
November – $ 7,970.00

October –  $1,300.00
November – $ 1,100.00

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L.C.C.A. Makes Public Appeal for Donations in Response to an Increase in Demand


Hamilton, Bermuda, June 8, 2020 The L.C.C.A. is making a public appeal for donations to help meet the increase in demand for its services brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. The L.C.C.A. regularly provides General Assistance in the form of Grocery vouchers and Belco vouchers to their clients and amongst other requests, pays for some prescription drugs for clients in desperate need of vital medication.

The L.C.C.A. had to temporarily close its doors and stop its services during the Lock Down / Shelter in Place.

Since the L.C.C.A. reopened and began distributing General Assistance from May 20, 2020 – June 8, 2020 $4,775 in Grocery Vouchers were distributed and $300 in Belco vouchers, as Belco has deferred bill payments for some.

Since the L.C.C.A. reopened and began distributing General Assistance,  during the period May 20, 2020 – June 8, 2020, $4,775 in Grocery Vouchers were distributed and $300 in Belco vouchers, as Belco has deferred bill payments for some.

Chairman of the L.C.C.A., Jane Spurling said, “There is an increased need to provide more financial support for our current clients coupled with a rise in new applicants who likewise need financial supportWe are appealing to those who are in position to do so, to consider providing financial support to the L.C.C.A. so that we can in turn increase our support for our present clients as well as our new clients, the majority of whom are single parent families, seniors, and those with special needs. During this time of the COVID-19 Crisis, our present clients and our new clients find themselves in need due to furlough and job redundancy. The LCCA believes that this distressing situation will continue for months and certainly continue well after the Government unemployment benefits have ceased, if not through 2021.

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Thank you for your service!

We would like to thank Ms. Sandra Belboda for her many years of dedicated service to the LCCA. She is seen receiving her award as one of the Volunteers of the Year from the Centre on Philanthropy.



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Peter Strachan, 12-year-old Somersfield Academy student who was born with a cleft lip and palate, has raised funds to assist others looking to correct facial disfigurements. We can proudly announce that part of these proceeds have been donated to the LCCA to assist someone requiring any kind of facial surgery. The article published in The Royal Gazette has further details.

In addition, Mr. Strachan has launched a website as a source of support. This website can provide additional information on facial disfigurements. You can view his site here:

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Lady Swan Memorial Award

Unknown-3Lady Jacqueline Swan dedicated many years if service to the LCCA as a Patron Member of the Committee of Management.

The LCCA is honouring her dedication to our charity, and also her support of the Reading Clinic, with an annual Memorial Award to assist a student or students who would benefit from tuition at the Reading Clinic.

The Memorial Award of $5,000 will be awarded to those students who would otherwise not be able to afford the fees at the Clinic.

On 20th February, 2017, Ms. Veronica Harvey, Executive Director of the LCCA, presented the first year’s award to Dr. Glenn Faries, Executive Director of the Reading Clinic.

Seen receiving the first award from Veronica Harvey of the LCCA is  Dr. Glenn Faries of the Reading Clinic

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