Patient Overseas Financial Aid Programme

Patient Overseas Financial Aid Programme

Administered on behalf of the Bermuda Government, Ministry of Health and Family Services, the programme assists patients in financial need who must be sent overseas for medical and surgical treatments not available in Bermuda. The programme recognizes that certain patients have little or no insurance and limited ability to pay. Our trained staff will work with the patient in order to find the right solution.


  • Referral from the patient’s local specialist
  • Patient and/or family interviews to establish financial status
  • Application completed by patient or family member
  • Receipt of advance payment from patient for 50% towards projected costs
  • Approval from the LCCA  Medical Committee
  • Approval of Ministry of Health and Seniors Medical Committee

Our funding for this programme comes from:

  • A Government Grant
  • An interest-free Repayment Plan
  • Insurance claims made on behalf of the patient

The patient is expected to pay all ordinary air and other fares to and from the hospital abroad. When out patient treatment is provided, the cost of rooms abroad for the patient and anyone accompanying the patient will be the direct responsibility for the patient.

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