The General Assistance Programme

The LCCA assists Bermudians in need both financially and emotionally providing:

  1. Practical advice and counseling services
  2. Grocery vouchers and utility vouchers
  3. Financial assistance for special cases referred by other agencies
  4. Assistance with cost for prescription drugs
  5. Assistance to children with special needs
  6. MEDIPENDANT, a medical alert system that allows those in need of help to listen and speak to an operator directly through the pendant e.g. if individual has fallen and cannot get up.
The LCCA ensures that a careful check has been made with other helping agencies on the island, including all Government Services, before proceeding with assistance. Each application is considered and granted on a case by case basis.

Our funding for this programme comes from:

  • LCCA Investments
  • Dues paid to the LCCA in lieu of union dues
  • Funds paid to the LCCA in lieu of flowers for funerals
  • Bequests
  • Annual Tag day
  • Annual Appeal to the Business Community
  • General Donations