The General Assistance Programme

The General Assistance Programme

The LCCA assists those in need both financially and emotionally providing:

Grocery Vouchers – an all-year programme for families and seniors in need with special focus on Christmas. The LCCA’s biggest programme gives over $125,000 in vouchers every year.

Nursing Home Resident Assistance – every year $15,000 is provided to each of the four nursing homes that are registered charities (The Packwood Home, Westmeath, Lorraine Rest Home, Matilda Smith-Williams Rest Home). Rest home residents having limited resources are assisted in meeting their incidental costs (medications, personal care items, clothing etc) thus making them a little more comfortable.

Seniors Dental Programme – working with the Department of Health’s Oral Health Section, we subsidise, if not pay for completely, the cost of dentures for seniors over 65 years of age where there is no insurance or it is beyond the means of the patient.  All preparatory work for the dentures will be done by the Oral Health Section and dentures must be provided by suppliers recognised by the LCCA. Consideration is also given to those under 65 when the situation is shown to be serious. Up to $50,000 annually is available under this programme.

Summer Camp Programme – the LCCA is aware that many families cannot afford the cost of Summer camps. We know that many children are left home alone when they could benefit from the social interaction, education and fun provided by these schools and camps. Working with Bermuda Public School Guidance Counsellors, we seek to identify those families that may need this help. Up to $30,000 annually is available under this programme.

BELCO Vouchers – we provide temporary help for families and seniors who need assistance with their BELCO bills. Up to $25,000 is available each year.

iHelp Medical Alert System – we provide and fund the service of devices enabling those in need of help to listen and speak to an operator directly through the device (e.g. if individual has fallen and cannot get up).

Medications – in cases where seniors or other individuals need help on a temporary basis, we cover the full cost or the co-pay for prescribed medications.

Special Assistance – we entertain requests from individuals (often through other helping agencies) for assistance with, but not exclusively, eye exams and eye glasses (in collaboration with the Lions Sight Committee), hearing devices, podiatry and often larger equipment like hospital beds and wheelchairs. Cases are considered with medical and financial need in mind. The LCCA will also provide advice and guidance when it can.

Lady Swan Memorial Award – given in honour of our late Patron Lady Swan, we provide $10,000 annually to the Reading Clinic for two or more Bermuda Public School students in need of the Clinic’s tutoring and who also require financial assistance.

Every year, we allocate almost $400,000 in total to the above programmes.

The LCCA ensures that a careful check has been made with other helping agencies on the island, including all Government Services, before proceeding with assistance. Each application is considered and granted on a case by case basis.

Our funding for this programme comes from:

  • LCCA Investments
  • Dues paid to the LCCA in lieu of union dues
  • Funds paid to the LCCA in lieu of flowers for funerals
  • Bequests
  • Annual Tag day
  • Annual Appeal
  • General Donations